What's Paw Pass?

Our mission is to introduce a new era of dog-friendly businesses, transforming the way customers engage in activities beyond their homes and regular spots. We aspire to become the ultimate destination for dog owners seeking extraordinary experiences and unparalleled savings.

The Paw Pass is a location based discount book featuring deals from local bars, breweries and restaurants who welcome dog visitors. Your book features a one-time deal at each of it's featured businesses to be used in the given calendar year. It also includes tips and business information so there are no surprises when you show up with your four-legged friend. Most the deals are for free or BOGO items with a savings of more than 4x the cost of the book.

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Featured Dog Friendly Businesses

  • Lost Valley Cider Co. Patio

    Lost Valley Cider Co.

    Lost Valley Cider Co. is Wisconsin's sole cider-centric bar, celebrating cider from all corners.

  • Boone and Crockett Bar Interior

    Boone and Crockett

    We are a cocktail bar with food trucks on the patio. We love dogs!

  • The Garage HiHat Lounge Exterior

    Garage & HiHat Lounge

    Garage & HiHat are Brady Street Institutions and Garage is well known for our awesome patio!